The state of the Padres’ financials is still unclear (for now)

The Padres are trying to get under the luxury tax, but reportedly aren’t saying they have to be there: 2024 might end up clearing up quite a bit of what we don’t know yet.

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The Padres have been, and still are, cutting payroll. It’s a bit of a cause for alarm, when paired with the news that they took out a $50 million loan back in September — and wanted an even larger one than that — but there are also reasons to believe that maybe this isn’t such a big deal after all. What we really need at this point is some clarity, and we maybe got a little bit of it over the weekend. Emphasis on maybe.

Per a report from The Athletic’s Dennis Lin, the Padres would “prefer” to get their payroll under $200 million in 2024, which would allow them to reset their luxury tax state, avoid penalties, and keep from stacking up further ones with repeated threshold crossings. However, “prefer” is not the same as “will,” and the team is apparently leaving open the possibility of crossing the threshold again, anyway:

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