At the break, 2023 is looking historically bad on the losses front

The record for 100-loss teams in a season is four, and it’s a possibility that record will be matched again in 2023 just like it was in 2022.

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Major League Baseball has had a problem with imbalance for too much of the last decade. As has been written about in this space on numerous occasions, there have been so many 100-win teams in the last few years, but they’re not quite as good as their record, since their 100 wins are compiled against too many clubs that aren’t trying to win. With all of those additional 100-win team clusters comes 100-win loss clusters, or at least something close.

We’re “halfway” in the All-Star break sense through the 2023 season, with the new schedule arrangement that cuts down on divisional play in favor of spreading everyone around a bit more over the course of 162. Let’s take a look at how many teams are on pace for and in danger of losing 100 games before this thing is over.

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