The Red Sox fired Chaim Bloom because John Henry can’t fire himself

Chaim Bloom might be good at the specific job he was asked to do in Boston, but we won’t get to find out.

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The Red Sox have fired Chaim Bloom, because owner John Henry hates nothing more than someone doing exactly what he wanted them to and it not being very popular with fans and media. Not to say that Bloom did a magnificent job with the Red Sox by any means, because he sure did not, but he did about what you’d expect him to be able to do with the resources given to him. Which is to say, not many: the Red Sox might still be spending a lot compared to some clubs, but with three of four seasons under the luxury tax threshold, they aren’t spending like the Red Sox can. And the team Bloom inherited was one designed to be spent on a lot more heavily than his own clubs were allowed to, so you can imagine how “don’t spend” impacted any plans to field the kind of team that was supposed to be at the end of this particular rainbow.

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