A new series investigates the Braves’ publicly traded business

The Braves have to file quarterly financial reports now, giving us some insight into their operations, and by extension that of the rest of the league. And now Rob Mains is on that beat.

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Last November, the Braves’ ownership changed hands. Well, sort of. They’re still owned by Liberty Media, but now the Braves are their own company, known as Atlanta Braves Holdings, LLC, with their own publicly traded stock. Which means they have to create detailed reports that other Major League Baseball clubs do not, as a window into their financial successes and failures.

Sure, they can still bend the truth or only show it through a lens that will trick you into seeing something that isn’t there — being publicly traded doesn’t suddenly make you ethical or moral or honest — but there’s a bit more reason for the Braves to be, at the least, more honest than the other 29 clubs, since they’re in the interest of attracting investors who are, comparatively, expecting things to be on the up and up. As Rob Mains explained for Baseball Prospectus:

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